Plotter printing service - Plottering company Digital Mouse Ltd Latvia

What is plotter and how does it work?

Cutting plotter as usual does not have printing head, but a very sharp knife, which moves on the surface of the paper page and carries out small and big detail cut-outs: letters, stencils etc.

What is the preparation cycle of ready plotter sticker?

Preparation of layout for plottering in vectors + selection of gluing film + plottering + “gutting” (cleanup of details from excess film) + sticking of portable film, in order to mount the plottered sticker on the required surface.



What materials are used for plotter?

Those are gluing films of different kind, from which one can make stickers:

  • light reflecting gluing films,
  • fluorescent films,
  • gluing films for auto transport plastering,
  • metal gluing films,
  • self gluing films,
  • T-shirt stickers
  • etc.

How durable are these stickers?

It depends very much from what gluing tape one selects and where it is doing to be placed. As for interior the durability is practically everlasting, but under the influence of environmental conditions – 3 years on average. Prices of gluing films depend from their type and durability.

What is the maximal (complete) width of plotter sticker?

The maximal width what can be plottered is 115 cm. This limitation is set by fact, that the width of gluing films in rolls does not exceed 120 cm. The length on the other side is almost limitless.

What should be noted, when carrying out car plastering?

For car plastering it is advisable to use film with high level stability and elasticity, which is also durable against mechanical damages and UV light, in order to keep the surface shine for longer time and the brightness colours. We recommend following – MACtac, ORACAL, 3M films.


Before plastering a car, it should definitely be washed with shampoo, which has wax in its consistence. After car plastering it is not advisable to use washing with high pressure or using it in 90 degree angle against car.