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We produce differently type and shape adhesive labels, stickers, tags, price tags, wobblers and pennants into various printing technologies: digital printing, silk screening, offset printing and flexography. Prices depend on order volume, material, print technology, so ask our project managers for the price.

There is a wide range of choice and tag samples. 


label printing for bottles   packaging label production

Tags in digital print, prices:

5x10 cm, different type of chalk paper, 200g, 4 + 4 (duplex printing) + a hole at the upper part (+ a chance to round off corners). 

Amount pcs. Price EUR, CMYK one side full color print Price EUR, Print with NEON, gold, silver or varnish on design papper (Digital Silk Screen*)
200 30,00  60,00
500 71,00 142,00
1000 121,00  242,00

* Digital Screen print.

tag printing eco

Self adhesive lables, etiquettes , prices:

A6 (105x148mm), watter and tear proof, do not leave a glue on a surface. 

Amount pcs.  Price EUR (4+0, rectangler stickers) Price EUR (4+0, different shapes, die-cutting)
100 44,33


500 106,14 135,64
1000 166,50 200,50

* The cost of making a die-cut form is not specified in the price, single order. 

sticker label printing

Wobblers / talkers, prices:

A6 (105x148mm), different type of papper 300g, 4 + 0 (one side print). 

Amount pcs. Price, one side print and die-cutting
100 94,20
500 130,96
1000 163,44

* The cost of making a die-cut form is not specified in the price, single order.  

* We can offer from our storage different shape of die cutting forms.

Wobblers, topers production, prices

Stickers and labels in flexographic printing 


Flexographic printing most often are used when minimal circulation is 1000 pcs. The bigger will be your order; the lower will be the price for one piece.

The prices of flexographic printing depend on the amount of colours (it is advisable to use 2 colours, because more colours mean bigger expenses), size of stickers, material and circulation. 

kas ir fleksografija     Fleksogrāfijas uzlīmes   sko  

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*All prices are given in EURO without VAT. 

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