We produce differently formed and shaped labels, tags, price tags, wobblers and pennants made by various printing technologies: digital printing, silk screening, offset printing and embroidery.

There is a wide range and choice of every paper and label & tag samples.

Birkas apģērbu birku etiķetes preču zīmes vobleri un vimpeļi - izgatavošana un drukas pakalpojumi Ogrē   Custom Label Printing Services - Digital Mouse Ltd Latvia


Price of tags and labels DIGITAL PRINTING
5x10 cm, chalk paper, 200 g, 4 + 4 (duplex printing) + a hole at the upper part (+ a chance to round off corners).


Amount pcs. Price EUR
100 17,00
500 71,00
1000 121,00

Price of tags and labels SILK SCREENING

5x10 cm, colourful Serio B/B design paper, 300 g.


Amount pcs. Price EUR; 1+0 (one colour)  Price EUR; 2+0 (two colours)
100 28,45


500 78,26 91,80
1000 120,94 135,17



Price of tags and labels OFFSET PRINTING BY DIE-CUTTING

A tag in a shape of a star, 12x10 cm, chalk paper, 200 g, 4 + 0 (single-sided printing).


Amount pcs. Price EUR
100 150,00 
500 170,75 
1000 197,80 


tag and label prints    custom printed labels - Digital Mouse Ltd Latvia



Stickers and labels flexographic printing 


Flexographic printing most often are used when minimal circulation is 1000 pcs. The bigger will be your order; the lower will be the price for one piece.

The prices of flexographic printing depend on the amount of colours (it is advisable to use 2 colours, because more colours mean bigger expenses), size of stickers, material and circulation. 

What is flexography?

Flexography is a rotating printing that, just like offset printing, uses embossing patterns (printing blocks), with a help of which the colour is printed on the material. In the printing device printable material (paper, PVC, polypropylene) is in scrolls, so in the result printed stickers are easy to separate, handy and in an exact amount.


Custom labels flexo printing - Digital Mouse Ltd Latvia    Stickers flexographic printing - Digital Mouse Ltd Latvia



*All tags and labels prices are given in EUR without VAT.

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