When large format digital print is used?

If the format of print exceeds A0.

What should one know when ordering the large format print?

It’s is very important in the beginning to determine, where the printed work is going to be displayed, what the surroundings would be like. If the print out will be located outside or inside? In the terms of Polygraphy, that is called indoor and outdoor advertisements.

What printer should one select for indoor print and what for outdoor advertisement?

If the work is meant for interior, then the print has to be done with eco-solvent or UV colours, but if the work is meant for displaying outside, then it has to be printed with solvent colours, which are durable against sun light and precipitation, but contains larger amount of hazardous VOC substances.

What qualities do Outdoor advertisement printers have?

Costs of outdoor prints are lower. These advertisements have the exact quality, what is needed, for potential watcher to see it qualitative from away. It is durable against UV light, consistent against atmospheric pressure, and have also unlimited sizes, as well as diversity of usable materials – PVC tape, self-gluing film, paper, net, linen.

What qualities do Indoor advertisement printers have?

As in the technology the UV colours are used, then they ensure waterproof and high quality prints, and with them one can carry out the direct print on hard surfaces – plastic, cardboard, gopher cardboard, foam cardboard. Indoor advertisement doesn’t have graininess, and ecological factor is many times better then the Outdoor advertisement. Indoor advertisements costs are bigger then for Outdoor advertisements.

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