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Digital Mouse is a modern digital printing house with its creative team in graphic design.

Our company highly values the newest technologies, has a proffessional staff, as well as a policy of constant reinvestment into business development and innovation. We are one of the leading printing houses in Latvia.

Our main principles of work are:

• high quality
• competitive prices
• excellent service

Advertising agency always offers the technically best solutions in combination with perfectly executed work.

Our high added value.
We advice to print digital print advertising materials not only with CMYK and white papers, but also work with colored design papers and print with white, silver, gold, neon or transparent varnish.

Reliable partner

Our reputation is based on long-lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation practices, that is an outcome of our reliability, honesty and loyalty.



We have formed a tight team of professionals in all sections of our production cycle,

that have been working together for years. That is why we can achieve highest levels of efficiency.

Design and printing.
We provide a complete production cycle - from design development to finished product. We are professionals in our field because we know how to realize the created designs in production.

GO GREEN ! Recycle and print on. 

Digital Mouse prefers to live green.
We are concerned about environmental problems therefore we choose to print only on certified or recycled paper, minimizing chemical use in the printing and want to encourage our clients to develop green thinking.

We believe that responsibility about  the environment is is shared among everyone - from person to business. 

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