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Our packaging assemblers and project managers are responsible for the design, material selection, and manufacturing solutions in our product packaging production. We produce packaging both in short (up to 1000pcs.) and large runs (from 1000pcs.). Depending on the packaging functions and volume, we will offer the best solution for the material and printing technology available. 

The latest trends - eco-packaging - are made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

Packaging, its functions:

  • Protect and preserve the packed product;
  • Ensure product supply to the consumer;
  • Ensure comfortable and safe use;
  • Advertise the product;
  • Protect nature and make paper products.

CD cover production: 

Carton CD cover 125x125mm production, printing 4+0 (full colour):

Quantity Carton CD cover printing/price EUR
50  169,00
100  196,00
200  237,00
500  388,00

* All prices are given in EURO without VAT.

* 300g carton used for CD covers. 

cd vāciņu druka

cd vāciņu apdruka

KRAFT paper bags with twisted paper handles:


White, brown, red, blue, black kraft paper bags with silk screen printing or in full color digital printing.

Papper bag - 240x110x310mm, 100gr, White (ribbed) Kraft, twisted handle;
Print 1+0 (one color print), 8x8cm:


Screen printing 1+0,

Price EUR

100 136,00
200 196,00
500 344,00
1000 573,00

kraft maisiņu apdruka

KRAFT paper bags with flat paper handles:


White, brown, red, blue, black kraft paper bags with silk screen printing or full color digital print. 

Papper bag - 180x80x220mm, 70gr, White, (smooth) Kraft, glued handle;


Screen printing 1+0,

Price EUR

Digital printing 4+0, price EUR
100 119,00 125,00
200 165,00 235,00
500 279,00 528,00
1000 435,00 951,00

kraft papīra maisiņš ar apdruku

Coated paper bags with cotton handles:


Paper bags with full color one sided print on coated paper 170g, handles from cotton synthetic string. Additional options - laminating for durability, foil hot stamp.

Quantity Price EUR


200 556,40
500 822,30
1000 1190,10

dāvanu maisiņu druka



It is very important to know your product's pakaging construction, certain dimensions, fold lines and cutting lines, properly selected material, printing options.

That's why we also offer packaging graphic and layout design with a special focus on folds, cut lines, and other essential details for practical use.

Model / design development and technical specification starting from 150 € + VAT.


When a prototype is developed, only then we can calculate the cost of production.

kastītes dizaina izveide

gofrēta kartona kastes izveide


We produce hand made custom size, shapes and materials luxury gift boxes with ribbon, magnet. All is about craft. Boxes manufacturing starting form 10pieces.

dāvanu kastītes ar magnētiņu izgatavošana     dāvanu kastīte


80 gabaliņu puzle ar apdruku sublimācijā. Minimālais pasūtījuma daudzums 50gab. 

Daudzums gab. Cena EUR
50 130,50
100 246,00
200 475,00

*All printing prices are given in EURO without VAT.

Puzles druka

Puzles apdruka

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