What is after-treatment and where is it used?

When a sheet have been printed, after printing it needs processing depending from specifics of the task. Its activities types are various – to cut, to fold, to glue, to number, to clip, to cut out, to corrugate, to perforate, to spiral, to make heated type pressing, to make relief type pressing, to laminate etc.

What is corrugation?

Corrugation imprint are straight, deep stamped lines spreading into paper sheet, which thickness is more then 170 g/ m². Corrugation relieves and does not damage the folding for the following processes. Corrugation is widely used when producing greeting cards, folders, table cards and booklets.

What is perforation?

Perforation is notching a paper sheet, to make the tearing off easier. This process is used when making tickets, stamps, coupons etc.

What is the difference between heated type press and relief type press?

Heated type press is used, in order to get deepened drawing, relief, in that kind of materials, which keep their form under effect of heat and pressure – on skin and on skin imitations. Those might be wallets, briefcases, folders, cases for business cards etc. Heat type press is also a good solution for business gift printing.


Relief type press is used, in order to print relief on the materials, which keep their deformation good, mainly – paper. Relief type press makes invitations, business cards etc. objects look more exclusively and underlines separate elements, creating considerable difference from usual print without after-treatment.


To get the colour into the relief, a foil is used. This term in polygraphy is called as foil press, which could be used in heat type pressing, as well as in relief type pressing. Foil type choice is very different, from colour, as well as from glitter, but more often the gold and the silver foils are used. You probably have heard of gold type press or silver type press!

When to use lamination?

Lamination is covering the polygraphy products with film. While laminating the polygraphy products, the colours become, visually, much brighter and shining, as well they protect printed work from dirt, humidity and mechanical damages. Laminating films are mat, glanced and also with UV protection.


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