What is advertising on gift products?
It is advertising souvenir, business gift, which is presented to business partners, employees or clients as a sign of remembrance or appreciation. They usually are souvenir with logotype or company, web site address or slogan.

Highly effective promotional advertising is t-shirt printing, fabric bag printing, sportswear design development that promotes company recognition and logo.

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Why to spend money on these souvenirs? Why are they necessary?
Advertising on gift products is a chance to show brand of the company. It clearly and expressively characterizes its owners. Uniform with company symbolism will demonstrate the expressed idea of uniformity, and what values your brand represents. Business gift, in its turn will surprise and please the client, what makes an impact on successful selling process.

What are the requirements of these souvenirs?
Advertisement souvenirs have to be well thought, special, personal and with practical usefulness, symbolizing corporative style of the company. The have to have quality and well selected technological processing. It is important to consult with executor of the order, to obtain advice, original ideas and corresponding quality.

How long does it take to produce it?
If the product is in the warehouse, then the production takes 1-10 days, but planning the gifts, for example, for VIP clients, which usually are exclusive gifts, we recommend to plan and order them duly, best of all, if it is done 1 months prior.

Small insight at the souvenir processing technologies.

Laser engraving – using the engraving with laser beam, it is possible to engrave in materials of whole spectrum of type and form – wood, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, stone (key pendant, clocks, calculator, thermos and thermo cups, CD players, USB flash drives). Durability is everlasting.

Fancy-work – is used for textile products (T-shirts, caps, towels). Price of fancy work generally depends from the size of area embroidered and quantity of needle pricks. Durability is everlasting.

Deco print - used for glass, ceramics and porcelain crockery printing (glasses, cups, vases, plates). Durability is everlasting.

Tampo print – small object printing (pens, pennants, lighters).

Textile print - used for various fabric printing (polo shirts, women tops, blazers, jerseys, fabric small sacks, bags, umbrellas etc.). There are various types:

Photo printing - is meant for photo, drawing and other type picture printing on textile products, which keep their quality after 3-4 washing times. After that the colours fade.

Thermo print – from thermo film one cuts with plotter the needed drawing and with heating press prints on the textile. Used for small amounts.

Silk screening – the colour is applied to the material, using special stencil or separator. It might fade with time, but it’s the best way for textile printing, if the amount is at least 5 pieces.

Transfer print - on the silk screening one prints picture on the transfer paper, then with special heating press one burns all that. In this type one can get a very fine typing, and is appropriate for small detail and element printing, as well as on works, which are created in large amounts. The durability is the same as for Silk screening.

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