All dimensions given are in millimeters (mm).

Standarta papīra izmēri, A4

Paper formats Letter A Printing A (SRA)
A1 594x840 640x920
A2 420x594 460x640
A3 297x420 320x460
A4 210x297 230x320
A5 148x210 160x230
A6 105x148 115x160
A7 74x105  

* The largest size of paper is A0 with a total area of 1m2 = 841x1188mm.

Letter A standard - A standard paper size accepted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and used as a standard size for all office equipment and printing products. Of all the formats, A4 is the most important format for everyday office use.


SRA - SRA sizes define untrimmed paper for commercial printing, so that the paper can be processed and finished in line with the International Office A format standards (books, magazines, letters, letterheads, brochures, leaflets).


B - mostly applicable to non-standard orders on A format (packaging, non-standard promotional materials, labels, etc.).
A4 vs B4

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