Screen printing on t-shirts

What is silk screen printing?

Silk screen printing consists of three elements: screen, what is the transistor of picture, rubber ladles and colour. Screen consists from spongy net, which has been tightly covered over wooden or metal frame. Stencil is placed on separator, which has been created upon needs of client, let it be picture, text or logo.

screen printing

Stencil is made with hands or with photo chemistry – film making. Silk screening colour is gradually laid on the upper side of separator, then it’s moved with rubber ladles to the other side of separator directly on material. Colour only goes throught the separator in the place, where there is no stencil, creating a picture in that way. From the diameter of separators threads and the amount of them in separator depends the quantity of colour and thickness that reaches the base. Every colour is laid separately.

This kind of print is special because that the surface can be covered with thick layer of colour, that way creating a slight relief on the printing material. Silk screening is hand made work.


When silk screening is used? What are the advantages?

  • Silk screening is appropriate for small and medium amount of printing. That type of imprinting is especially popular for business card production, as well as, for example – forms, envelopes, invitations, diplomas, greeting cards etc.
  • Silk screening is type of imprint, in which one can imprint on miscellaneous materials – thick and coloured papers or cardboards, gluing films, plastics, wood, metal, glass and textile products, which can’t be imprinted in offset print.
  • Using this method, picture un the print surface is much more durable, comparing to other modern picture transferring systems.
  • In silk screening technique it’s possible to get more saturated and glittering colour tone then in offset print, and also getting small relief on the printing surface.

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