Mobile Advertising Stands, ROLL-UP Gallery

We offer different sizes of Roll-up, X-banner mobile advertising stands and their printing. Mobile stands are perfect for different presentations, campaigns, office or shops interior. Stands are easy to construct and the results are effective. 

Mobile advertising stands, prices:


ROLL-UP banner stand

ROLL-UP banner stand + printing, bag:
 850 x 2000 mm = 70,00 EUR
 1000 x 2000 mm = 80,00 EUR

roll-up printing prices

Double sided roll-up banner stand

Double sided roll-up banner stand + printing, bag:
 1000 x 2000 mm = 140,00 EUR

About other stands and prices, ask our project managers. 

roll up abpusējais

Large roll-up stand 2x2m

Large roll-up stand + blockout banner 440gr print, bag:
2105 x 2060 mm = 253,00 EUR

Platais roll-up stends 2x2 m

Snap frames (Clip - Clap), Poster snaps, A-boards

Snap frames, poster holders etc. are made for quick and handy placing of posters, advertisements and other printed materials. Protection against fading is provided by special plastic that has anti-glare effect. 

We also offer back-lit films (light scattering film) in a wide variety of tones, suitable for printing, for use in various light frames. 

Different sizes and profiles of frames are available – starting from format A3 to format B1.

click poster frame

Snap frame + printing, prices: 

Aluminium frame (silver or black color) with compressing mechanism ( Clip - Clap) for quick, handy placing and changing of posters and advertisements.

The set of advertising includes:

  • Profile
  • Base
  • Protecting plastic and
  • Poster printing
Size Price EUR
А3 (297 х 420 mm), 25 mm profile 23,00
А2 (420 х 594 mm), 25 mm profile 25,00
А1 (594 х 841 mm), 25 mm profile 27,00

B1 click snap frame

Poster Hanger Snaps

We offer various sizes hanger snaps with hanging rails for quick and easy mounting of the poster.

It is possible to hang different sizes of posters. Wide range of materials is available.


The set includes:

  • Two aluminium rails with compressing mechanism
  • Hanging clips
  • Four Plastic end caps

Hanger snaps, price:

Size Price EUR (sold in pairs)
85 cm  profile 5,68
60 cm profile 8,32
80 cm profile 11,24

Hanging posters, profiles

A-boards with springs for outdoors

Double sided, stable, flexible (mounted on large springs) with a snap action frames and thick anti-glare film. Elegant design with wide profile (33mm).

Construction material: Anodized Aluminum + Metal.

Price: A-board stand and double sided printing 190,00 EUR. 

ielas stends izturīgrs

A-board stand + printing, price:

Stand Price EUR
Poster size A1 (594 x 841 mm) 110,00

ielu reklāmas stends

We also offer to make mobile stand design, our accomplished works: GALLERY


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