Magnets, 3D stickers

We offer to make magnets of various shapes and rounded 3D stickers.

Rounded 3D magnet printing

Magnets 5 cm in diameter are coated with a two-component doming varnish or 3D polymer coating. They are resistant to UV rays and scratches.


Amount pc 20 50 100 200
Price EUR 135 225 330 585

Магнитная печать

Cardboard paper magnet printing

We make magnets of various shapes from cardboard, which is 2 mm thick. They are printed on gloss or mat adhesive film and glued with a magnet and cardboard together.


Magnet 6x9cm with rounded corners 50 100 200
Price EUR 51 91 176

Production of magnets

Magnet - notebook

6x15 cm notepad with magnet base. 20 sheets in a notebook.


Amount pc 50 100 200
Price EUR 56,6 99,5 180

Notepad magnet

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