What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is any printing technology (for example, HP LaserJet, Xerox Docu Colour printers), which is capable to produce the printed works directly from computer file. In difference from offset print, it does not need mediator, as for example for movies or records.

Digital Print with Xerox

What printing products can be printed with digital printing?

Business cards, booklets, flyers, posters, banners, car stickers, posters can be printed with digital printing. In printing, it is divided into sheet digital printing and large format digital printing. Digital printing prints on sheets, while large-format digital printing prints on rolls. They are also the two main businesses in Digital Mouse, which produce printing materials on Xerox or Roland digital printing equipment.
Our digital print products:

Business Cards

Forms, Envelopes, Cardboard Folders

Notepads, Notebooks, Exercise Books

Flyers, Leaflets, Tickets

Booklets, Brochures

Books, Catalogs

Tags, Labels, Coupons

Calendars, Planners

Boxes, Bags, Covers, Coasters, Puzzles

Seasonal Greeting Cards, Gift Cards, Invitations

Bib numbers, maps

Control Paper Wristbands


When to use Digital Print?

  • If you need small printing amounts 1-1000 pieces. For example, materials for seminar, business cards, table cards, invitations;
  • Time needed for preparing the print is many times shorter than for offset print. That is why you can get new business cards or other printing materials in one day;
  • For changing data print. It is suitable for Direct Marketing activities. You do not have to worry about impersonal, out of date materials. Every copy can be addressed to one particular;
  • For print upon request. You can print as many copies, as you need in the given moment, and from the necessity in any moment you can add some more prints. With traditional offset printing machines the consumer usually prints much more sheets than he actually needs.
  • To save some paper, as digital print does not require overprint as offset print.

Is the Digital Print qualitative?

Modern technology have evolved that far, that with digital print the photo quality has reached a very high level. It offers high definition pictures. Consistent and saturated colours, as they are printed with dry inks. One can surely declare - that modern digital print is equivalent to offset full colour print.

What is the price policy? Is the Digital Print beneficial?

Offset print is viable, if one releases minimum 500 A3 print sheets. Digital print is viable, if circulation does not exceed 1000 copies. So lesser cost for the smaller circulations you will get from digital print.

Which type of paper, can one use for Digital Print?

Digital print makes it possible to realize wide selection of paper. Those are:

  • Chalk paper (mat, glanced) – it is the basic paper for advertising works and magazine printing;
  • Offset paper – usually used for blanks, books, note books etc. printing work;
  • Cardboard – useful for greeting cards, business cards, wrapping production;
  • Coloured and textured paper or design paper – for miscellaneous untraditional work creation;
  • Self gluing paper – for sticker print.

Thickness of paper in digital print – 80 to 350 gsm.

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